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Amariaa is a singer songwriter, English, born into music and Spanish raised.

Adios was written by Amariaa and singer, songwriter & producer RJay who also happens to be her cousin.
We at Deepsoundradio have been charting Amariaa’s musical path from the day she sung her first note and we have been privy to her catalogue of songs since then but there was something about hearing Adios for the first time that struck a chord with us…”It was almost as if she had finally come of age”.

We got a chance to catchup briefly with Amariaa to find out the inspiration behind this song…


“What inspired you to write Adios?”

I was going through a difficult period in my life at the time and I felt the need to express my feelings through a song.


“The 2nd verse is sung in Spanish, why?”

I was born in England but moved to Spain with my parents & siblings at a very early age, I’m fluent in Spanish and I want all my songs to show that I am bi-lingual.  I want to be known as the girl that sings in Spanish & English because this is a reflection of my audience and the cultures I’ve been exposed to.  I love singing in Spanish and English so that’s why I’ve combined both languages in one song.


“What’s the reaction to the song been like?”

It has turned out so well and everyone is loving the song! My main aim is that I really hope it will be an inspiration and that people can relate to it as well.


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Instagram: @amariaav
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